NADDI strongly supports prescription drug take back programs and offers information and guidance for those who take on this project through our website at However, how does a citizen properly dispose of this unwanted medication when a take back program is not scheduled or is several weeks or months away?   Every day the drugs remain in their home it makes them a potential target for abuse, with potential catastrophic outcomes, especially for our American youth.

NADDI is offering America’s law enforcement an opportunity to receive a free locked box to accept unwanted pharmaceuticals almost every day of the week in their own law enforcement facility.   Sponsored by Endo Pharmaceuticals and Zoegenix, NADDI is accepting letters authored and signed by the top law enforcement official on their letterhead, detailing the agency’s need to receive free of charge one of these boxes to accept these prescription drugs from their citizenry.   Upon approval, the box will be shipped directly to your law enforcement agency to begin to remove these medications from your community.   The supply is limited, and NADDI reserves the right to disperse these boxes across the United States so that the maximum areas are serviced.   Additional boxes can be purchased, note the instructions on this website, but no agency will receive more than one free box.

In order to receive one of these boxes, agencies must be prepared to do the following:

1.       The box must be located inside a law enforcement facility and secured tightly to either the floor or wall, or both, and preferably within view of law enforcement personnel.

2.       Ensure that the box is checked daily and if a deposit has been made, the drugs need to be removed and processed according to your laws and regulations.

3.       The box will come with only the NADDI logo, but agency’s should clearly mark that their box is for prescription drugs only.

4.       Recipients should make it clear that they are accepting pills and patches only, no liquids or needles are to be dropped off for destruction.

5.       The medications can be weighed by the property custodian of the agency and disposed of consistent with the protocol used by that agency in destroying other property.

6.       The law enforcement agency agrees to follow all policies and governmental regulations that may affect their agency in handling these medications.

7.       Agencies will be required to report to NADDI on a quarterly basis for the first year, the total number of pounds of pharmaceuticals that have been removed by their program.

***Application process is closed at this time***

All persons/agencies that receive a NADDI Drug Drop Box from this site must comply by all DEA Regulations, the Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act of 2010 and all sections within title 21 of the CFR.  For additional information on 21 CFR, please visit

 The dimensions of the drop box are height 48′ x width 20″ x depth 25″